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About Us

Alterna Energy Systems Ltd. has been founded in 1985 in Ankara as a family owned business and chaired by Mr.V.Selim Demirel in second generation.

Alterna acted as engineering and local manufacturing and erection partner to international EPC companies by building mainly state owned power plants and by refitting the existing ones in operation.

Alterna’s activities extended after 2003 to consulting and engineering for new investments and participating as co-investor by in-house developed power plant projects. With the fastest growth rate in OECD Europe, Turkish Electricity Market offers solid investment options. Recently structured market regime, tight reserve margin and additional capacity need of at 4,000 MW/year, attract foreign investor interest to the market at a substantial volume over the past few years.

Alterna provides operation services for gas fired combined cycle power plants , including marketing and sales of the generated power.