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Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility Reports will include the following information and analysis:

  • Turkish Electricity Market information: Supply and demand, market structure, trade regime, installed capacity, market players (by segment i.e. public companies, private companies, concession contracts etc.) and prices
  • License & Permits
  • Pre construction license & permits
  • Construction license & permits
  • Operation license & permits
  • Project logistics conditions,
  • Seismic risk categorization,
  • Land ownership structure,
  • Meteorological conditions
  • Natural gas grid connection conditions and necessary infrastructure,
  • Electricity grid connection conditions and necessary infrastructure,
  • Plant technology and design overview,
  • Technical performance analysis,
  • On site efficiency and specific consumption,
  • Net power output,
  • Annual working hour and dispatch scenarios,
  • Annual load factors

Financial Analysis

  • CAPEX Analysis: Construction works, main equipment, control systems and automation, natural gas feed line and facilities, electricity grid connection facilities and overhead line, auxiliary electrical and mechanical systems, engineering & supervision costs, license and permit expenses etc.
  • OPEX Analysis: fixed costs, variable costs, grid usage and other market related costs,applicable tax and other incentives during investment or operation periods,financial analysis tables

Procurement Support

  • Equipment selection process design, determination of applicable codes & standards,
  • Preparation of RFP/tender specifications,
  • Preparation of the data room for participants,
  • Attending pre bid meetings,
  • Tender period/proposal evaluation management (Q&A etc.),
  • Technical evaluation of bids,
  • Preparation of evaluation tables for the Investor.

Primary License & Permits

  • Electricity generation license; Preparation of a guideline for the company including necessary documetation list and procedures, preparation of the appication file, submission, process follow up
  • Environmental Impact Assessment; Preparation of the project identification file, submission, process follow up
  • Grid connection agreement; Coordination and process follow up