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Energy Renewables

Alterna Energy Systems Ltd. is a project development and engineering company focusing on renewables in Turkey with offices in Ankara and Istanbul. For wind and solar PV power plant projects, Alterna provides services for:

  • Project Development: greenfield projects
  • Project Management: realization and construction monitoring of projects as owner’s engineer
  • Due Diligence: for acquisition of operational plants and ready-to-build projects

Our Team:

  • A team of dedicated meteorological engineers for energy assessment and data analysis.
  • Expertise in CFD (computational fluid dynamics), numerical methods, wind assessment and solar irradiation analysis.
  • Development and permits management know-how of unlicensed and licensed projects.
  • Strong relationships with regulatory organizations and power distribution companies.

The Market:

  • Number of unlicensed wind and solar PV projects are growing exponentially in Turkey.
  • Projects equal to or less than 1 MW does not require a license from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Multiple projects can be combined to sum up to 10 MW power plants.
  • Licensed wind farm project development is also on the rise: 3000 MW connection capacity issued for 2015 and 2000 MW for 2016. More new capacity will be permitted over the next years.
  • Currently, there are 4000 MW operational wind farms in Turkey – far from the official target of 20000 MW by 2023.


Unlicensed Projects:

Turnkey services from greenfield to ready-to-build stage:

  • Project Site Prospecting
  • Mapping and Land Ownership Research
  • Proof of Wind or Solar Energy Resource
  • Estimated Energy Production Calculation
  • Grid Connection Analysis and System Connection Agreement
  • Land Rental or Acquisition
  • Layout Design
  • Land Permits
  • Financial Modeling and Feasibility Report
  • Unlicensed Wind or Solar Power Plant Permit
  • Environmental Impact Permit
  • Radar Interference Analysis for Wind Turbines
  • Engineering Projects and Plant Design
  • GIS Mapping and Zoning Plan Permit
  • Construction Permit

Licensed Projects:

Turnkey services from greenfield to capacity tendering stage:

  • Project Site Prospecting
  • Virtual Met Mast – Long Term Wind Data Acquisition
  • Wind Flow Analysis
  • Regional Wind Resource Map Preparation
  • Land Ownership Analysis and Mapping
  • Risk and Permits Analysis
  • Grid Connection Analysis 
  • Determination of Met Mast Location
  • Met Mast Permit and MGM (Met Office) Acceptance
  • Met Mast Supply and Erection
  • Periodical Maintenance of Met Mast
  • Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Energy Analysis and Micrositing
  • Financial Modeling and Feasibility Report
  • License Application
  • Tendering Procedures